5 Ways To Avoid Conflict In Your Relationship

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No relationship is perfect. Conflict will arise between you and your partner but it does not have to remain or manifest.

Many couples struggle with issues such as communication, pride, or lack of understanding.

Remember that an ideal relationship is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.

When in a relationship considering your partners thoughts, feelings, and opinions is important. These techniques will help you think like a team rather than individuals in your relationship. Check them below!

1. Understanding your partner When you truly understand your partner you learn them. You will know what makes them tick and what makes them happy. Taking the time to understand your partner will help you avoid conflict.

You will learn what you should do, what you should start doing, and what you should stop doing in your relationship. Be that voice to stand up for your partner and lend a listening ear.

2. Agreeing to disagree and coming to a solution Finding a solution to the problems in your relationship will offer great benefits. Instead of focusing in who is right or wrong, focus on coming to a conclusion that you both can agree on.

Winning the argument should not be the goal but truly resolving the issue. Put your pride aside and strive for a healthy relationship.

Be willing to work out your differences and come up with a game plan.

3. Making sure you remain on the same page Staying on the same page could mean a lot of different things as it relates to a healthy relationship.

It could mean consulting your partner before making big decisions that could possibly have an impact on them. It could mean constantly checking up on your partner and keeping a line of steady communication.

Your partner should not be in the dark about how you feel and neither should you. Both of you should feel comfortable enough to communicate openly even when the conversations are difficult.

4. Avoiding the “blame game” If you want to maintain a healthy relationship even in the mist of conflict , avoid blaming your partner. The blame game will not help resolve anything. Instead own up to your faults and explain how your partner’s faults made you feel.

This will help your partner understand how their wrongs are an issue without making them feel attacked. Blaming will only force you further away from your partner.

5. Think before you respond Sometimes when we are wrapped up in an argument, what our partner says goes in one ear and out the other. Practice truly hearing what your partner has to say.

Always respond to resolve the issue not to prove your partner wrong. Consider what your partner says and make sure that your response bring out a positive result.

Listen to understand and respond only when it is thoughtful, helpful, and necessary.

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