Sarkodie Gives A Savage Reply To Joey B For Asking If He Smokes

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A new picture of rapper Sarkodie together with his wife dropped on social media and it got netizens talking.

The photo sees smoke coming out of the mouth of Sarkodie with a ciggar in his hands.

This sparked questions in the mind of his fans as to if he smokes or not? Because a lot of musicians depend on weed and other smokable items to release stress, but we’ve never seen the rapper doing same in his over 10 years of being actively in music.

Well, rapper Joey B who was visibly shocked asked the rapper in Twi language that, “does he smoke”.

Mike, wo shi?”, he quizzed. Sark after seeing the question gave an answer just that it was a savage one.

He replied in Twi that he’s ‘drying clothes’. “Me Hata”, his responsed read.

Joey B then replied “#HappyHata

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