Wendy Shay Wrotes An Emotional Message To Nana Akufo Addo

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Rufftown Records first lady, Wendy Shay has rhetorically asked the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo how he expects Ghanaian celebs to survive if they have been forbidden to endorse alcoholic beverages and betting companies in the country.

Wendy Shay made the comment after she and other Ghanaian celebrities were banned by the Food and Drugs Board not advertise alcoholic beverages because that negatively influences the youth sine celebs are meant to be role models.

Besides Wendy Shay in particular has also been forbidden from endorsing BET Planet, a new emerging betting company.

It’s against this background that shay tweeted at Nana Addo directly questioning why he has remained quiet over the seemingly unfair treatment as it’s depriving celebrities of generating ‘side money’ apart from what they make from their music.

Wendy posted on Twitter as she addresses Nana Addo and his government saying;

“Dear @NAkufoAddo 1st, FDA stopped celebs from promoting alcoholic bev’s making us lose jobs to Nigerian celebrities. Gaming commission just stopped us from promoting betting serv So how do we survive as creative persons in this pandemic?”

read her message below!

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